Studio  One
99 Tinker Street
Woodstock N.Y. 12498

After 15 years of teaching, here is what some of my students have to say about their experience with me.

"I've been having private sessions with Jes for the past 6 years and practically every session is unique. It amazes me how she intuitively understands what my body needs at any given moment and puts me through my paces in a very safe environment." Sue, Rhinebeck NY

"When I started pilates with Jes, I often was forced to walk with a cane. The doctors said my knee joints had no cartilage but consisted of bone rubbing on bone. There was no hope but steroid injections and surgery. Being a rebel, I resisted their recommendation and persisted with Jes. Soon after twice weekly private pilates sessions, I was able to walk without a cane. Occasionally, I could even wear little heels. I feel so much better that I often sing "Forever young." Without Jes' strong instructions, strengthening exercises, and therapeutic bodywork, I would be singing "That ole grey goose ain't what she used to be" Rhoney, Saugerties NY

"Jessica has inspired me to be the best I can be in every area of body and movement training. I have watched her grow and develop over the years and every new incremental kernel of knowledge has been digested and given to her students. Her teaching and her command of movement is intelligent. I thank her for the knowledge she has imparted to me and for the example she continues to set to this day." Helen, Woodstock NY

"Jessica's first focus is on safety. She is able to pay attention to all parts of your body simultaneously. She intuitively knows what you need and gives it to you. She encourages you, is extremely patient, positive, and flexible. She believes in possibilities that the student may not yet believe." Alyson, Hurley NY